Squirrel! Memo Sheets

MulticolourHeavyweight paperLoose sheets

The perfect desk companion for all your random Squirrel! moments, when you need to jot something unrelated down right now, with the option to categorize it later.

What is a Squirrel! moment?

A 'Squirrel! moment' is when something suddenly grabs your attention and makes you forget what you were doing, just like when a dog spots a squirrel and immediately zooms off after it!

This tendency to chase tangents, often observed in those with ADHD, is closely linked to creativity. Keeping a pad handy to jot down those connecting thoughts ensures you won’t lose your flashes of genius later! Plus, writing it down allows you to return to your original task with peace of mind, knowing that your train-of-thought is safely recorded.

  • 12 colours per pack 🌈
  • 24 sheets
  • 100% recycled 160gsm paper
  • A6 size
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    A Parking Spot for Your Train-of-Thought

    The Squirrel! Memo Sheets are perfect for capturing sudden bursts of creativity and random thoughts. Use them to jot down a new project idea, make a to-do list for now or never, or capture a spontaneous quote or phrase you heard someone say in a meeting.

    The versatile labeling at the bottom of each sheet lets you categorize your notes by subject, project, date, type of thought, or any quirky way that suits you best.