Visual Day / Routine Planner

MulticolourHeavyweight paperLoose sheets

This unique tool lets you plan out your days visually!

The clock design is easy to use day-to-day to capture appointments, or as a routine designer to map out the ideal flow to your day. Other clever use cases are forΒ class schedules, or building morning and night routines.

  • 12 colours per pack 🌈
  • 24 sheets
  • 100% recycled 160gsm paper
  • 12 x 12 cm
    Choose colours

    Your day, visualized ⏲

    The Visual Day Planner makes organizing your day easy and fun. Use it to plan study sessions or meal times, keep track of household chores or hydration goals, or build a new daily routine. It’s a simple, colorful way to see your day at a glance and make sure everything fits together just right.

    Ideal for:

    • Class or work schedules
    • Daily habits
    • Morning and night routines
    • Meal times
    • Building a new habit
    • Hydration goals
    • Tracking screen time
    • Household chores
    • Scheduling self-care activities
    • Time blocking